Georgie Hill: Wave Equation

Curator Abby Cunnane in discussion with Georgie Hill about Wave Equation and a new way of working.

Wave Equation by Georgie Hill is a lithograph that is part of Concave Iridescence, a new exhibition of work on show at the gallery from 1-26 September. Curator and writer Abby Cunnane has written a text piece in response to Concave Iridescence, available here, she asks Georgie about the lithography process below.
Q: This is the first lithograph I've seen you make. Can you talk about what this has involved? I'm thinking here of material shifts - not only from watercolour to ink, but also the different range of physical gestures, as well as the different forms of planning and thinking each require, allow?
A: The support of the C Art Trust over the past ten months has allowed me the time to delve into lithography as a new process of mark-making. I think the medium has enabled me to give a different weight and energy to the work's linear and graphic qualities, and to my interest in diagrammatic imagery. My lithograph also has a brushed layer, so in that sense there is a 'meeting point' between the graphic and more gestural mark-making similar to that in my painting. The ink and the way it interacts with the paper support is very different from the watercolour pigment I usually work with; in the lithograph process this interaction has its own quite unique vibrance and feeling.

My painting process is more responsive to chance - elements of the work often undergo change as I work - whereas the lithograph required planning the construction of the composition through each of the four layers. Each layer is drawn by hand, one with brush and ink on transparency, and another by tracing my line drawing through an interesting material called Rubylith, the top layer can be cut with a knife and peeled away from the bottom layer to create a mask. I experimented a lot prior in order to discover possibilities within the medium. It was great working with the technical guidance of John Pusateri at Auckland Print Studio.