Melbourne Art Fair: Viewing Rooms

1 - 7 Jun 2020
For the Melbourne Art Fair, Visions is presenting new and recent works by Andrew Beck, Jae Hoon Lee, Oscar Perry and Hannah Valentine. 


Andrew Beck combines photographic techniques with site-specific installation, creating works which speak to the uneasy, shifting status of the digital image – and fractured flows of information – collapsing distinctions between the analogue and digital, physical and virtual, image and object.


Jae Hoon Lee is a self-proclaimed cultural wanderer with an interest in the horizon of contemporary imaging technologies, and whose complex digital composites both embellish and complicate environments he encounters on his frequent migrations.

Oscar Perry's practice combines gestural abstract painting, sculpture and installation. The Melbourne-based artist has described his paintings – which employ a range of materials and mark marking – as backdrops or decoys, and the sculptural and installation components as props, stages or floats. They are often accompanied by enigmatic titles which playfully destabilise their interpretation and evoke a multitude of obscure facts and art and cultural histories.

Hannah Valentine's sculptures riff on the visual and material culture of fitness in the context of hyperindustrialism. She is interested in the way we use and think about our physical selves in space; in the way we build and shape our bodies, and in the way our bodies are shaped by a host of external influences.