Philip Kelly: Turntable Paintings

10 Jun - 11 Jul 2020

Visions is proud to present Turntable Paintings by Philip Kelly. 10% of all proceeds will be donated to Shine, an organisation that works towards creating violence free homes in New Zealand.
These recent works further develop Kelly’s interest in the making of images, objects and music – pulling these strands together in a closer harmonic relationship. The use of a turntable as a mechanism in the painting process implies an emanation of sound from within the pictorial space.
The turntable is used as a lathe turns wood or metal, or a potter’s wheel is used to throw clay. The precision of the machinery has been used to render controlled colour washes in single, two-tone or tritone chromatic harmonies. The paintings are rendered at the speed a recorded single would be lathe cut and played – 45 revolutions per minute. 
Despite this mechanistic use of the turntable as an intermediary, the classic subtleties of wet on wet application of pigment and the mixing of the colours highlights the minerality of the medium as the pigments settle into the texture of the paper or bleed freely in certain transitions. The artist’s hand-held use of the brush requires its own range of control and freedom as the works are composed. The works are developed in suites to evoke musical concepts of chordal structures, improvisation and interplay.
The exhibition was originally presented as an instagram exhibition where Kelly posted the suites of works as animated videos that ‘remix' the turntable paintings. In these videos the paintings are returned to motion as improvised image sequences that are accompanied by edits of the artist’s own original music. 
Four suites of works will be presented in the newly renovated gallery along with a performance of Kelly making new works. Date to be announced in accordance with social gathering limits. 
Ma te kotahitanga e whai kaha ai tātau. In unity, we have strength.

Installation Views