McCahon House Artists In Residence 2021 Announced | Emily Karaka

McCahon House Trust is delighted to announce three outstanding New Zealand artists, Emily Karaka, Moniek Schrijer and Cora-Allan Wickliffe who have been selected for the 2021 artists’ residency programme. This year the judges were struck by the quality of the applications and the diversity of art practices represented. This, along with a defining sense of how the residency may represent a significant shift in an artist’s work, was reflected in the final selection.


As always the selection process is one the judges consider with great care as they delve deeply into each of the proposals before them and thank each and every applicant for the time and energy invested in their applications.


Emily Karaka’s work is influential as it pivots across generations, with recent exhibitions bringing her renewed voice once again in a dialogue with a younger generation of artists.


Cora-Allan Wickliffe’s work, centred around Hiapo (Niuean barkcloth) impressed the judges for the way it weaves together and embraces history, contemporary thought and personal exploration along with form, representation and symbolic imagery.


Moniek Schriher’s proposal remained in the minds of the judges for its call to push at established boundaries – for experimentation and fluidity, openness and sense-based subjectivity, testing and trialling materiality.

2 Sep 2020