Claudia Kogachi: There's No I In Team | The Dowse, Lower Hutt

There’s No I In Team by Kogachi will feature a series of new paintings on panel that depict the artist and her mother playing a number of sports – it builds upon a wonderful earlier series in which Kogachi explored the dynamics of family conflict through images of the pair competing in various sporting events set in domestic spaces. Shifting from a sense of conflict to a spirit of friendly competition with her mother, Kogachi's new works use the lens of portraiture to further explore the complex and tender psychological relationship between mothers and daughters, rendered cartoon-like in delightfully awkward angles and inviting bright colours.


There’s No I In Team also turns Kogachi’s art itself into a team sport, inviting visitors to colour in her hand-painted wall mural and to watch the action from ball-shaped furniture.


29 May – 03 Oct 2021

29 May 2021