Hannah Valentine, Natural Processes (CY) | Brick Bay Sculpture Trail

Located at the apex of the sculpture trail and nestled within the Kauri grove, Natural processes (CY) is an expansive forest floor installation. Comprising many sculptural elements that draw upon the native plants naturally occurring reproductive cycle. 


These objects are physical sketches of Kauri cones and seeds, “with surfaces pressed and pulled into shape.”  The artist's fingerprint is inlaid onto each piece making a very real connection between the natural environment and the body. Hannah Valentine has often explored themes of tactility and the body in her art practice. 


Made from ceramics and cast bronze painted with enamel, the objects range from life-sized to larger than life in scale and are brightly coloured to draw attention to them scattered amongst the undergrowth. Valentine says “Through their bright and elusive forms, I hope to spark moments of discovery.”  


Valentine creates a link between natural and artistic exploration, seeds “are symbolic of growth, new beginnings and new ideas. They have a universality, and lend themselves towards fable, hope and change. “


Valentine explores the viewers role in her work by encouraging their interaction. The final element of the Natural Processes (CY) project will be a small gesture at the installation site, a gift of a ceramic seed for the visitor. It’s theirs to hold onto, to touch, to think about during their walk, or to place in their pocket, to be remembered when they return home, and to bring back their experience of the trail by way of tactile memory. Or if guests would like to contribute them to the installation with a wish, or thought for change. Drawing upon the legacy of Yoko Ono’s Wishing Tree, and contributing to raise awareness of Kauri dieback disease, to strengthen protection and encourage positive behaviour.



1 May 2021